At the pumpkin patch with Tyson yesterday. He loved it and even made a couple of friends. ☺️🎃
Just took this of Tyler. I gotta say, my baby daddy’s pretty dope. 😋👌
Lex’s such a happy boy! That smile can light up the whole world. 😍❤️🌍
Tyson in his white tee, blue jeans, and his brand new Timberland boots. He loves them. ☺️
Lex’s just chillin’ outside with Tyson and his cousins. 😋 He’s absolutely the cutest. I’m so proud to be my kids mommy. ☺️
Tyson and Lex at their grandma Margaret’s house, playing with their cousins. ☺️
From a photoshoot of Lex a couple months ago. He’s so precious. ☺️😘
Tyson’s such a little cutie. ☺️
From Tyson and Lex’s photoshoot. This is my favorite picture from it. They’re sooo damn cute. I absolutely LOVE my baby boys. They’re so perfect. 😍😍😍
Sunrise. ⛅️