I’mma shoot ‘em down, baby. 😘
You make me feel good, come on to me. ♡
This girl right here is my ride or die. She’s been my A1 since Day 1. She’s the best, most amazing, perfect, hilarious, and smart person that I’ve ever met. She can brighten your day just by a single text message, which is one of the main reasons why I’m posting this. Kayleana is the truest, absolute friend that I’ve ever had. We go together like peanut butter and jelly. She never fails to put a smile on my face even in my toughest moments, and I truly hope one day I can repay her for all she’s done for me. Without her, I would be lost. She isn’t just my “best friend”. Forget that. She’s my SISTER, and my life would be so dull and boring without her in it. Without her, I would’ve gone crazy by now. She helps keep me sane and knows exactly how to keep me grounded. She’s the Kesha to my Demi (only she will understand that), and I love her more than anything. I believe that soulmates come in all forms, whether it be a lover, an animal, a family member, or a best friend. And I can honestly say that she’s my soulmate in a best friend form. I could never forget all of the memories we’ve made. Like drunk swimming in the pool at our hotel, getting noticed multiple times at Kings Island, getting to stay an extra hour at the Columbus Zoo because we are “famous”, driving around downtown Cincinnati, our silly late night talks, staying at our hotel and each day we would decide to stay another day, our walks around my neighborhood, overlooking the city, making stupid little videos, etc. I could go on and on. She’s literally the best. No one will ever compare or compete with her. She’s my #1, always. 

@kayleanawood, thank you for always being here for me and never letting anything get in the way of our friendship. Although nothing ever could. We are WAY too close to let anything come between us. I promise to always be here for you as well. I’ll stick by your side through anything and everything that comes your way. I’ve always got your back. Thank you for always being yourself, because you’re one hell of a person. I love you to death. Stay fabulous, girl. ❤️
Me: “Tyson, what are you doing?”
Tyson: “Dis dis dis dis!” 😂💚
Tyson took my phone while I was taking pictures and this is what happened. 😂
Lex is still wiiiiide awake. He’s such a handsome little man. ☺️💙

boy meets world 02x05 (1994) // girl meets world 01x06 (2014)

BMW 6.17
GMW 1.06

Guys, I need everyone’s help! Tyler thinks that our kids look more like him, but I think they look WAY more like me. So who does Tyson and Lexton look more like? Me or Tyler? Help, please! 😋

- Me as a baby (top left), Tyler as a baby (top right), Tyson (bottom left), and Lex (bottom right).